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Introducing PromoMission - Your Reliable Ally
Introducing PromoMission - Your Reliable Ally

Lion Soft Toy

Price from: £4.75

Lead time: 5 to 6 weeks

Minimum Order Quantity: 500

Customisation: Logo & Tee shirt

Our lion soft toys are made with high-quality materials, including soft plush fur and a durable stuffing that ensures they'll last for years to come. Lion sitting size is 15 to 16 cm making it the perfect size for hugging, playing with, and displaying on a shelf or desk.

But what really makes these soft toys special is the ability to customize them with your company's logo or message. We can print your branding onto the tee shirt that each lion wears, creating a promotional item that's both playful and professional.

Here are just a few ways that our lion-soft toys can be used for promotional purposes:

  • Marketing events: Stand out at trade shows and other marketing events by handing out custom soft toys. Not only will they draw attention to your booth, but they'll also provide a memorable takeaway for potential customers.

  • Corporate gifts: Show your employees or clients how much you appreciate them by gifting them with a branded soft toy. It's a fun and unique way to strengthen relationships and boost morale.

  • Charity events: Raise awareness and funds for a cause by selling customized soft toys. People will be more likely to donate when they receive something in return, and the toys will serve as a reminder of their contribution.

With their friendly faces and playful personalities, our lion soft toys are sure to be a hit with people of all ages. So why not make them your next promotional item? Contact us today to place your order and start spreading the word about your brand in a fun and memorable way!

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